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Paid Carpentry Training in West Milwaukee

Get Paid to Learn Carpentry Skills at AMCSI - No Experience Required

There’s no better way to learn carpentry skills than to be on the job site. At AMCSI, we train rookie carpenters with no experience to be assets on the job. Newbies don’t just push around a broom, you’ll get paid a competitive wage while learning the essential skills to help you grow – and earn – a good financial life.

Paid Training Includes

  • Classroom sessions to lift your woodworking career off the ground—NO experience required
  • One-on-one instruction to get you comfortable with the work
  • Fair compensation—there's nothing better than getting paid to learn

Gain Carpentry Skills While Getting Paid at AMCSI

Become a youth apprentice carpenter at AMCSI, where we regularly sponsor students in a registered apprenticeship.

Get paid to learn a trade – Apply Now or contact us to learn more about the paid training at AMCSI.

Carpentry Training Classes in Milwaukee

AMCSI provides the best carpenter training in Wisconsin. Join a community where both beginners seeking to establish a solid foundation and seasoned carpenters seeking continuous education find their perfect fit. Our courses cover everything from mastering the basics to refining finish carpentry techniques, delving into rough carpentry nuances, and advancing to intricate skills. Taught by industry experts, you will gain practical skills no matter what level you are at. Prepare for real-world carpentry jobs and elevate your career with AMCSI!

Basic Carpentry Classes

Tailored for beginners, these hands-on classes cover essential techniques, tool proficiency, and fundamental construction methods. Led by veteran carpenters, our supportive environment ensures you gain practical skills and the confidence to enter the carpentry field. Start your career on a solid foundation with AMCSI. Apply now and step confidently into the world of carpentry.

Finish Carpentry Classes

Tailored for those with basic knowledge, these classes specialize in advanced techniques like precision trim installation and decorative molding. Led by true experts, the training equips you with the skills to stand out on finish carpentry projects. Craftsmanship meets specialization at AMCSI. Apply today!

Rough Carpentry Classes

Refine your carpentry expertise at AMCSI. These classes specialize in foundational construction skills like framing and structural work. Led by seasoned carpenters, the training provides practical techniques essential for tackling real-world rough carpentry projects. You will gain mastery of foundational skills. Apply to get started!

Advanced Carpentry Classes

Seasoned carpenters seeking to refine their expertise will learn intricate construction techniques, sophisticated project management skills, and how to optimize for cutting-edge industry advancements. Carpenters who have completed our advanced training classes are leaders and have the skills to tackle any complex carpentry challenges with confidence. Position yourself at the forefront of the carpentry field with AMCSI. Apply now!

Accelerated Skill Development: What you’ll learn

Gain real skills quickly at AMCSI. From mastering blueprint reading to honing construction math skills and refining woodworking techniques, every team member undergoes our accelerated training. You can position yourself for success in the carpentry field by learning from industry experts and applying your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Blueprint Reading

Learn to develop a keen understanding of construction blueprints. Learn to interpret complex designs, visualize project structures, and enhance your ability to bring concepts to life. Guided by veteran carpenters, you will be empowered to confidently tackle any project that comes your way. Apply today and step into a future where every blueprint tells your success story.

Construction Math

Dive into the essential role of math in construction. Learn to apply mathematical concepts to real-world construction scenarios that ensure accuracy and precision in your work. With expert instructors guiding you, our construction math classes provide the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in carpentry projects. Apply now to become a math-savvy carpenter ready for any construction challenge.

Woodworking Techniques

Explore the artistry and precision of woodworking techniques. From mastering joinery to refining finishing touches, our classes ensure you develop a full-stack skill set. Unlock the secrets of creating intricate woodwork and become a master carpenter. Join AMCSI to become a woodworking artisan, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship.

Expand Your Skill Set at AMCSI

Know the difference between a veteran worker and a veteran manager? Education. Any experienced carpenter worth his salt knows continued training and education are essential to their growth in the industry. AMCSI educates carpenters through intimate 3-5 person classroom sessions several times a month, followed by two hours of woodworking shop time to build on the day’s lessons.

We work smarter and build better carpenters through quality education.

AMCSI hires carpenters from anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin; most of our employees commute from places like:

Milwaukee Franklin Muskego
Madison Oak Creek Shorewood
Waukesha Greenfield South Milwaukee
Racine Greendale
West Allis Hales Corners
Brookfield Pewaukee
Wauwatosa Sussex
New Berlin Menomonee Falls

Paid Training with AMCSI

Carpenters at AM Construction Services, Inc. get paid training and continually learn through classroom and in-shop sessions.

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Construction apprenticeships in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Expert Construction Mentorship


Fast-track your career with a construction apprenticeship at AMCSI near Waukesha, WI. Enjoy a real wage while fast-tracking your way to a rewarding career in construction. You will learn the ropes of the trade through hands-on learning under the guidance of expert mentors. Within 4 years you will have the skills, expertise, and network to complete highly sophisticated and complex construction projects with ease. If you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply for an apprenticeship position while they are still available. No experience is necessary, apply today!


Benefits of Construction Apprenticeships at AMCSI


The other construction companies and trade schools can’t offer you what AMCSI can. When you get the call that you have been selected for our apprenticeship it is more than a training pipeline. It’s your foot in the door at one of the largest and fastest-growing construction companies in Southeastern Wisconsin. Career growth? When you complete your apprenticeship you will have a well-compensated and rewarding position waiting. Not only will you know the ins and outs of the trade, but you will gain valuable management skills as well. We want you to succeed and want to pay you to learn. Apply today!




Construction apprenticeship available near Brookfield, WI

Paid Construction Apprenticeship Program near Brookfield


AMCSI is actively hiring construction apprentices from in and around Brookfield, WI. AMCSI is looking for motivated and hard-working individuals who want to learn to be the best. Our philosophy centers around preparing the next generation to take over when the current generation of construction professionals retire. You are going to learn from the best carpenters in Wisconsin, at the height of their careers, all-day every-day. Trade schools and competitors alike can’t offer you the chance to work on exciting and large scale projects that we can. Plus, who else is going to offer you a $750 signing bonus for just accepting the position? Apply now.


No experience necessary – only a willingness to work hard and learn. We train!



Expert Construction Mentorship


Apply for a construction apprenticeship at AMCSI for access to the largest community of construction professionals in Southeastern Wisconsin. Learn essential skills like construction math and blueprint reading through hands-on-experience and classroom training. Once you're confident and ready to move on, you will learn advanced construction techniques and start earning certifications. You will always be learning, from your first day to your 1000th. You will have the practical skills to earn your keep after a short few weeks due to our supportive team environment. Our mentors are here to support you at every turn and will fast-track your skill development. Apply today!




construction apprenticeship Wauwatosa

Carpenters Gallery ->> Wauwatosa Construction Apprenticeships


AMCSI Construction Apprenticeship Program

AMCSI’s construction apprenticeship program offers unparalleled training and real-world experience. Whether you are looking to start a career, or decided it was time for something new, find your calling at AMCSI. Construction apprentices gain hands-on experience, learning from the best in the field, while also earning a competitive wage. Our program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and certifications necessary to thrive in the high-demand construction industry.


No experience is required – just a willingness to work hard and learn. We train!


What Makes AMCSI Apprenticeships Different?


When you are accepted into the AMCSI construction apprentice program, your joining a team of construction professionals. You’ll learn in a collaborative and supportive team environment from some of the best in the industry. Some of the benefits include:


  • Paid training


  • Accelerated skill development


  • Collaborative team environment


  • Career advancement opportunities


  • Excellent compensation and benefits


Apply for a Construction Apprenticeship at AMCSI


Build the foundation for your successful career in construction at AMCSI. Our apprenticeships are designed to foster growth, skill development, and personal achievement. With AMCSI, you step into a role that promises more than just daily tasks, you embark on a mission to reshape your future one project at a time.


Apply now for a construction apprenticeship near Wauwatosa, WI at AMCSI
construction apprenticeships in West Allis

Carpenters Gallery ->> West Allis Construction Apprenticeships



Construction Apprenticeships at AMCSI

Kickstart your career at AMCSI with our construction apprenticeship program in West Allis. AMCSI offers a golden opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and experience accelerated skill development. Dive into the core of construction work, mastering everything from basic carpentry to advanced building techniques.


No experience is needed – only a willingness to work hard and learn. We train!



What Makes AMCSI’s Apprenticeships Different?


There is no limit to your growth and success at AMCSI. When you join our team, you're joining a collaborative and hard-working team of construction professionals. The supportive team environment makes it easy to learn the construction and carpentry skills you need to succeed, as many of the construction professionals teaching you will have started in the same spot. Join AMCSI and benefit from:


  • Paid training


  • Accelerated skill development


  • Collaborative team environment


  • Career advancement opportunities


  • Excellent compensation and benefits


Apply for a Construction Apprenticeship at AMCSI


AMCSI apprentices graduate as highly skilled craftsmen, with the skills to complete highly complex and sophisticated projects successfully. When you apply to AMCSI, you're not just starting an apprenticeship, you're launching a career. Gain the tools, knowledge, and support network to ascend to leadership positions or even start your own business at AMCSI.


Apply for a Construction Apprenticeship at AMCSI Now!
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Our other great benefits

What separates AMCSI from the rest is the care we show to our employees. We provide a safe environment, invest in continuing education, and we pay for performance. We’re tight knit family and we work hard for each other.

Salary & Growth Paid Training Insurance Culture 401K Continuing Education

Here’s what our employees have to say...

Anthony Enea President, Ruvin Bros. Artisans & Trades Inc.

We approached AM Construction Services because our projects range in size from very large to small and we needed a company that could be flexible. For both rough and finish carpentry they have proven to be a great choice for us. Whether we need a large crew or small crew, whether it’s rough or finish their carpenters ... Read More

Brian LaBonte President, Creative Constructors, LLC

Ken: I would like to thank you for all the effort you and your team have put into working with Creative Constructors over the past few years. It is very reassuring to know that we have a partner that is willing to bid and has the staff that meets our needs to complete our work.

Pete Feichtmeier Owner, Colby Construction

We have used AM Construction Services on several Colby projects over the years. As a premiere custom home builder, our clients expect quality craftsmanship and a high level of attention to detail. Needless to say, we only want to partner with the best. AMCS has proven to be a partner we can count on to provide quality resul... Read More

Matt Burrow President, Catalyst Construction

It is without hesitation that we recommend Ken Kindler and AMCS, Incorporated. Catalyst Construction has been using AMCS as a subcontractor for years and has never been disappointed. AMCS’ reliability, expertise, and attention to detail are just a few of the impressive qualities this company possesses. Catalyst is exc... Read More

Sarah Lovy Dermond Property Investments

I just wanted to let you know that you have a great group of guys that work for you! You guys did a fantastic job on this project for us, and your team was wonderful to work with from start to finish and went over and above every day to ensure that we were happy with things. They rolled with the punches, and didn’t ba... Read More


Chris Hadick
John Vogt
Adam Wencka

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