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If you're searching for a fulfilling entry-level construction carpenter job, look noConstruction entry-level jobs in Milwaukee further than our openings at AMCSI. Joining our team will open up exciting opportunities for you in the world of building excellence. We’re looking for carpenters who are eager to grow. As a member of one of the premier carpentry firms in Southeast Wisconsin, you'll be able to gain valuable hands-on experiences in the field, allowing you to develop and reach your maximum potential.

At AMCSI, we provide more than just carpenter jobs – we offer a launching pad to elevate your career. With us, there are no limits to your growth and success. We demonstrate our dedication to your future through our outstanding benefits package. which include:

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Benefits for Carpenters at AMCSI

AM Construction Services, Inc. helps employees with training, requires minimal travel, and we work through the winter. We look after our employees and ensure they have the tools at their disposal to further their career. We offer proactive raises, bonuses, profit sharing and more:

Carpenter Education

We offer classroom education sessions to help you sharpen your abilities and learn new skills. We value your skill set, and will help you improve. A carpenter’s tools aren’t just what he wears around his belt.

401K with Employer Matching

We want our carpenters to know they aren’t just working for payment today, but also for the future. We’ll help you work toward a stable retirement.

We Pay as You Train

We give you the tools to make a future in rough and finish carpentry, and we’ll pay you for it. Our one-on-one training will turn a green carpenter into a pro. Our apprentice-style training is more than just “on the job experience”.

Health, dental and vision

We want our rough and finish carpenters to be healthy and productive, and we offer competitive health, dental, and vision plans to keep them on the job.

Rewarding Construction Apprenticeships

Become a member of a company with a high commitment to internal development. Regardless of your level of experience, youth apprenticeships at AMCSI will allow you to get one-on-one instruction from some of the best carpenters in the business. If you're itching to learn and in search of an opportunity, you will have the support of AMCSI every step of the way.

If you are looking to find a lucrative career while dodging the traditional 4-year degree path, consider joining the apprenticeships at AMCSI. After four years, youth apprentices will make nearly $50,000 per year in the same amount of time you would be piling up student loan debt at school, while also learning valuable skills and being a part of numerous construction projects.

Construction Carpentry Training

While we value applicants with skills, it is not a requirement. We're mainly looking for someone with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm for learning. What we want the most for anyone who joins our team is to see them succeed. If you currently don't have polished carpentry skills, you will in the future. Our seasoned carpenters gladly mentor any rookie who shows passion for the carpentry field.

Job Requirements

Baseline Responsibilities:

  • Interpret blueprints and plans.
  • Assemble the framework using fasteners.
  • Verify work meets specifications and complies with codes.
  • Maintain a tidy worksite and handle waste disposal.
  • Troubleshoot and make necessary repairs or adjustments.


  • Blueprint reading proficiency.
  • Wood measurement, cutting, and shaping.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Multitasking in fast-paced environments.


  • Sense of hustle.
  • Willingness to learn.

Education Requirements:

  • High School diploma or GED.

AMCSI hires carpenters from all over Southeast Wisconsin. See the driving distance to your new job!

Carpentry Jobs (starting location)

Distance to AMCSI HQ Driving Distance (minutes)
 Brookfield  11.3 miles  20 minutes
 Franklin  10 miles  21 minutes
 Greendale  5.9 miles  16 minutes
 Greenfield  5.4 miles  13 minutes
 Hales Corners  7.4 miles  17 minutes
 Madison  76.8 miles  79 minutes
 Menomonee Falls  15.9 miles  32 minutes
 Milwaukee  5.5 miles  11 minutes
 Muskego  14.8 miles  23 minutes
 New Berlin  7.9 miles  21 minutes
 Oak Creek  14.3 miles  27 minutes
 Pewaukee  15 miles  22 minutes
 Racine  28.6 miles  43 minutes
 Shorewood  9.9 miles  25 minutes
 South Milwaukee  12.6 miles  30 minutes
 Sussex  20.3 miles  30 minutes
 Waukesha  16.7 miles  24 minutes
 Wauwatosa  4.6 miles  11 minutes
 West Allis  2.1 miles  9 minutes
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Here’s what our employees have to say...

Armando Doxtator

Working at AMCSI as a finish carpenter, I’ve personally completed a wide range of projects. Including MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s office, Potawatomi Casino’s new high-end sushi bar RuYi, prestigious country clubs, golf courses, churches, colleges, multi-million dollar homes, and so much more. If you&rsquo... Read More

Robert Madison

The reasons why I like working with AMCSI is that it's not only a job, it's also a lifestyle. You’re not hired based solely on knowledge of the trade, but on your willingness to learn. This company is very family-oriented and generously rewards hard work.

Adam Wencka

The wide variety of projects keeps it fun. Great benefits and pay keep every employee great too. Nobody is just a number here…management truly cares. I'm proud to be an AMCSI tradesman because of the caliber of people we hire and the quality of work we deliver. After being a carpenter for over 20 years, I’ve ne... Read More

John Vogt

Owners Ken and Bart have a passion to build the company…with not just themselves in mind but dozens of employees. Every bit of effort exerted is returned equally. AMCSI emphasizes training to increase your knowledge, creating a strict but fair expectation of employees. Understanding that quality tools get the job don... Read More

Chris Hadick

There are tons of reasons I enjoy working with AMCSI. The management listens to feedback, provides the skills we need to be successful, and works as hard—or harder—as they expect us to work. The work is reliable and the pay and benefits are the top in the industry. I enjoy the people I work with and love the fac... Read More


Chris Hadick
John Vogt
Adam Wencka

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